Why I’m Not Exclusively Breastfeeding

I breastfed Eliza for 15months. In fact, I probably would’ve continued to breastfeed if my milk hadn’t dried up due to being pregnant with Maya. 

I loved the bond I built with Eliza whilst breastfeeding, but many times I felt like a slave to the boobs. I couldn’t go anywhere for more than an hour or two. Pumping just never seemed to work out for me. So I became an on-demand milk maid, feeding Eliza wherever and whenever she damn well pleased. This caused a little bit of post partum, as I rarely ever had time for myself. 


This time, with Maya, I decided well in advance that I wasn't going to exclusively breastfeed. In order for me to have a little independence and avoid post partum I needed to not be so staunch on breastfeeding. *CUE THE OUTRAGE FROM EVERY BREASTFEEDING ADVOCATE


Being the psycho researcher that I am (especially when it comes to my kids) I found a German goats milk formula that is supposed to be the closest thing to breast milk. 


I will warn you mama’s.... the directions are in German. It’s really simple though, one scoop of formula for every ounce of water. Easy peasy.


This formula is LIFE. Maya has nearly doubled in weight/size since she was born 5 weeks ago. I’m still breastfeeding, which is why we love the como tomo bottles. It’s a seamless transition between breast and bottle. We’ve had ZERO nipple confusion. 


So there’s my 2cents. Don’t feel bad for supplementing with formula. Happy mom, happy kids, so don’t forget about yourself. 

What do you guys do? Breastfeed? Formula? Both? What are your favorite products?  

Workout Capsule Wardrobe

Workout Capsule Wardrobe